December 5, 2013

The Waiting Is The Worst Part

We are now about 72 hours removed from the news of Sandy Alderson meeting with Curtis Granderson. The excitement of Monday was followed on Tuesday by a confirmation by the team that internal discussions were talking place. More cause for excitement..

Wednesday brought with it, negotiations. Could this be real? Could the Mets be actively pursuing their first legitimate free agent in nearly four years?  Negotiations, negotiations, and today..even more negotiations. 

This whole thing has turned a bit anticlimactic now. I still believe the Mets will sign Granderson, but I'll also admit that the longer this takes the less confident I am in the outcome. 

I think Granderson is stalling, waiting for a few other things to play out in the market to increase his number of suitors. I don't think that means he's hesitant to join the Mets, I just think he's going to get every dime out of Alderson he can. 

In the meantime.. We wait.

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