December 11, 2013

Mets Winter Meeting Day Two Recap

Two days in the books down in Orlando and the Mets are yet to do anything to improve their roster for 2014.  Here were the major rumors, news and notes from yesterday:

- Curtis Granderson was introduced at 12:30, wearing the number three.  In the coverage that followed, Grandson told the media that the Mets were the only team to offer him a four year deal (HERE).  He also went on to say "true New Yorkers are Mets Fans (HERE), which was received by the rival parties about as well as you'd expect.

- There was a report that the Mets were pushing hard to sign Bronson Arroyo (HERE), but that news was quickly written off by sources closer to the team (HERE).

- A day after meeting with Bartolo Colon, the Mets were tied to interest in a plethora of veterans who would likely be seeking a one year deal, to include Johan Santana (HERE).

- A week after non-tendering him after what many would call a surprising season, the Mets resigned Jeremy Hefner to a minor league deal (HERE).  He will rehab and prepare for 2015.

- The Mets with several teams regarding Ike Davis, to include the Arizona Diamondbacks, the Milwaukee Brewers and the Tampa Bay Rays.  It appears the Mets are looking to acquire pitching in return for Davis' services (HERE).

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