December 11, 2013

The Mets Still Have Time To Improve Upon Offseason

As we push into the latter half of the third day of the MLB Winter Meetings, the Mets are yet to do anything with improves the 2014 roster.  Hopes of unloading Ike Davis reportedly appear to hinge on decisions of others.  The team's demands for Daniel Murphy, the only other position players likely to be traded this week, have cooled his market.  And finally, the Mets appear to only be in on one year, very low risk starting pitcher to round out the rotation.

Things aren't looking good.  And yes.. I get your frustration.  Several years of waiting have lead up to this winter and as other players come off the board, you fear that the Mets will fall short.  However, there is still time.  Take a hypothetical walk with me for a minute.

Now that Cory Hart has decided on the Mariners, it opens up the possibility for a deal that sends Ike Davis to the Brewers for Tyler Thornburg.  It accomplishes two things.  It removed a little more than three million in payroll and slots Thornburg into the competition for the fifth spot in the rotation.  Where do the Mets go from here?  Some times its the move after the first move that is the end game, and in this case there are two options.

Thornburg's acquisition may make other pitchers, in this case we'll say Rafael Montero, expendable.  The Arizona Diamondbacks, who are seeking starting pitching, have a backlog of quality shortstops.  Is it possible that the Mets could unload a player like Montero in exchange for the shortstop piece they entered the offseason so desperate to find?  The other more obvious route would be that the payroll freed up by trading Ike Davis can assist the Mets in acquiring the likes of Stephen Drew.

What I'm getting at is, although you have to look closely, the writing remains on the wall that the Mets can still accomplish their goals this season.  They have money remaining, and may have more than originally thought once moves are made.  I'm not saying this will necessarily happen, but its certainly possible.  This offseason has been slow, but its not as if Sandy Alderson's methodical approach should be new to anyone.

The Mets still have plenty of work to do if they intend to field a much improved roster next year.  Its not going to be easy, but its still possible.

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