December 19, 2013

Game Of Cat And Mouse Continues Between The Mets and Brewers

Around and around we go... This was yesterday's latest rumor in the Mets pursuit to deal Ike Davis. It didn't directly involve Davis, but did involve one of his suitors, the Milwaukee Brewers, who are now reportedly interested in Michael Young.

You had a relatively strong 2013 during which he played in 147 games split between the Philadelphia Phillies and Los Angeles Dodgers.  He hit .279 with 8 home runs and drove in 46.  The rubs are that he is 37 years old and was paid a whopping $16 million last season.  Slotting him in at first base would be far from ideal, as he has started only 98 games at there in his 14 seasons as a big leaguer.

With that said, if the Brewers believe the Mets' asking price on Davis is just too high, they could head in the much older, most likely more expensive direction.  My guess is this is an act.  An opinion shared by many online, but we've seen crazier things this winter.  Its tough to figure out who has the leverage in the Ike Davis negotiations, but I believe floating this idea is an attempt to get more by Brewers' GM, Doug Melvin.

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