October 21, 2019

Mets Cheaping Out On Manager?

 The above commentary is a sad statement about the state of the Mets managerial search if you agree with its premise. Unfortunately, given the teams penchant for taking the least costly approach to, well, everything, it doesn't seem far fetched.

October 19, 2019

Mets To Go From Mickey To Skip In Dumb Name Coaching Carousel?

Mets owned network preparing fans for the shitty candidate they probably plan on hiring? Probably, yes. Lets go from a guy named Mickey to some schmuck named Skip. Awesome.

Joe Girardi Or Bust

I swear to God, if the Mets end up with Carlos Beltran because they let Joe Girardi slip through their fingers to the Phillies I'll be pissed off. We don't need another first time manager, my affection for Carlos Beltran aside, we need a tried and true pro. This team has shown how close it is, and a better manager in charge of that bullpen may have made the difference. Girardi landing in the division on another team that is ostensibly on the way up would only add to the sting.