June 5, 2014

Please Stop Tracking "Games Out"

I see a lot of people taking the time to track the Mets in relation to the second Wild Card and first place in the NL East. I get why they are doing it; with the fairly early date in the season and nobody in the division running away with it, 3.5 games seems tantalizingly close. But before we go and measure this team against the Braves or a potential playoff spot, we need to measure them against mediocrity, a .500 record.

The Mets have not won more games than they lost since 2008, the year of the second collapse and when things began to truly unravel. They have not played meaningful games or even been relevant since then. They are not going to storm back into the playoffs this season. It is more important they start to build something. Sandy's 90 win projection was silly, and so is hoping for the playoffs right now. Let's just get back even and go from there.

Sorry for the delay.