Effing Bloggers

Kieran Flemming

No matter what you think while reading the blog, English is my first language. I'm a Mets fan because apparently happiness is something I just can't cope with. If you disagree with or are offended by anything I write, please viciously slander me in the comments and be as personable as possible.

Rob Patterson

Much like the Mets, Rob excels at not excelling. We all have to be good at something, right?  He blames much of his involvement with the team on his mother, which according to most psychologists is where the majority of our problems start anyway. Nonetheless he enjoys writing, equally for the enjoyment of others and because its cheaper than therapy. Hope you like what you read. If not its probably your mom's fault too!

Bryan Damis

Bryan has been a Mets fan ever since he stepped into a spring training stadium in Plant City, FL and was explained by his father that a grown man had the name "Mookie." What followed was a Darryl Strawberry poster above his bed and an existence bound by mediocrity, both from the Mets and from Bryan. We're all pretty much average anyway. Hope you enjoy the writing.

Jason Wilson

I have been a die hard Mets fan my whole life and live in the state of Iowa. How did I become a Mets fan? Outside of the fact that I would rather be dead than root for the Cubs my grandfather was from out east and was a Yankee fan so naturally as a pain in the ass grandson I had to go against him. Year in and out this team kills me but I just can’t stay away.

Timothy O'Brien

Tim has been a Mets fan since he was 4 years old. He is the son and brother of Yankee fans. He clearly made the right choice. Tim blames world hunger and most wars on Timo Perez and Adam Wainwright, respectively. He believes Joe McEwing is the greatest living man. He owns two Mets garden gnomes. He likes to write, read and argue about the Mets.  Enjoy the posts and please, do point out where he is wrong.

Doug Plourd

I would like to describe myself as a “lifelong” Mets fan, but that would not be completely accurate.  I started out rooting for the Expos…..yeah, that’s right.  I think it was the uniforms.  But when my guy, Gary Kid Carter, made the move to Flushing, so did my fandom, and I have rode the ups and downs ever since.  Even before I could watch game 7 of the 1986 World Series via the DVD set (which I received a few years back), I could still recite EXACTLY what Joe Garagiola said RIGHT before Straw hit the homer that STILL hasn’t come down. (“You have to wonder, what ever happened to Oil Can Boyd”……*CRACK*)  I still recall the EXACT spot on the couch I celebrated “the catch”, as well as the spot I was in a few minutes later when Beltran took the 3rd strike. (I know, if you are superstitious…..I moved….you can blame it on me)

I am not going to “report” anything on this site.  You are not going to get insider news from me.  What you will get, is an honest, if not slightly jaded look, at my team.  I will probably do more on the minor league system then the major league club, as let’s be honest, at least there is hope on the farm.

I live in Connecticut with my kids, my dog, and the laziest cat never to have a meme.

Seth Shapiro

I’ve been a Mets fan since the day I came out of my mother’s womb thanks to my father.  It is him to blame for making me suffer through the pain that is rooting for this team.  We have been full season ticket holders since 1998 and we suffer through about 40 home games a year.  Many people ask how I can still root for this team?  My response, “it builds character.”  I can only imagine what it must feel like to win a World Series title since I was only 4 years old in 1986.  I anxiously await!

Craig Petraglia

I'll be 19 in November, a college sophomore studying journalism and aspiring to be the next Kevin Burkhardt. Watching sports has always been my greatest passion and I am proud to say I am a lifelong Mets fan. Born and raised in Long Island, my father seasoned me to be a fan of the blue and orange and my earliest Met memory came in the 2000 World Series, specifically the altercation between Clemens and Piazza. Since that day I've been following the Mets religiously, and 2006 still haunts me to this day; I get squeamish anytime the topic is brought up. Also a huge Islanders, Knicks, and Cowboys fan so I am used to disappoint in my life. But hey, ya gotta believe!