December 10, 2013

Mets Push To Sign Arroyo, Will Slow Play Drew

A couple of quick hot stove updates for you.  In the hours since formally announcing the signing of Curtis Granderson, the Mets have apparently made a push to sign Bronson Arroyo, but are not without company on that mission.
This goes directly against Alderson's comment's yesterday that the team would like to avoid anything more than a one year deal on a starting pitcher. It was rumored early on that Arroyo wanted a three year deal. Unless his market has completely crashed (there is no reason to think it has), he will almost certainly command at least two guaranteed years. He would instantly sure up the back end of the Mets rotation and would potentially make Rafael Montero available for trade.
In other news, Dave Lennon of Newsday has reported that the Mets do have interested in free agent shortstop Stephen Drew, but only at the appropriate price.   He also states that the Mets are very hesitant to go past two years on Drew, whose possible landing spots include the Red Sox, Twins and in fact, the Mets per an update from MetsBlog's Matt Cerrone.

A market for Drew has yet to develop, but he is the lone big back remaining on the free agent market when it comes to shortstop.  Don't expect much from the Mets to this end, especially if they are successful with Arroyo.

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