December 17, 2013

Valdespin and the Mets

I was reading Metsblog this morning and they are reporting from a source (Cotillo) that Jordany is drawing interest from several teams. This got me thinking on a few different levels.

First off, I am going to assume there is no way in heck that the Mets bring this clown back. Don't get me wrong this kid has some talent but would be shocked given how the way things ended. You can't just undress the GM and Manager and expect anyone to take you back with open arms. And, let's not forget he got suspended for his role in the Biogenesis case, whatever that means.

Honestly though, what if? What if this kid wasn't such a head case? It blows my mind that he has no sense to act the way he did both on the field and in the clubhouse. Now the argument could be look at how Yasiel Puig acts but that is a different story. He puts out and calls it playing with heart. 'Spin only plays for himself and clearly has no idea of when and when not to celebrate.

The whole thing to me leaves me with an upset stomach. My guess is he will latch on somewhere and a veteran player will find a way to help this kid unhitch his head from his back side. And since these are the effing Mets I'll bet he will be able to stick it to the organization where the sun doesn't shine and we will get to watch that big celebration shaking our heads.

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  1. He lacks the tremendous talent that Puig has...if Spin was capable of hit 20 to 30 Hr stealing 25 bases and had a rifle for an arm the Mets would deal with his BS. Im sure they could find someone to fill his role easily