December 26, 2013

David Wright To Marry Today

The hearts of female Mets fans everywhere will officially break this afternoon when Mets team captain David Wright will take the plunge and wed long time girlfriend, Molly Beers.  Wright first acknowledged the relationship publicly when his contract extension was announced last winter.  They announced their wedding date in August and will marry this afternoon in California. Today, he will be off the market, forever.


  1. Holy shit. She is incredibly hot.

    I always kind of hoped he was gay, that would have been one of the coolest and best things to happen to sports in a long time.

    1. wtf? how bout a world series? making the playoffs? leave baseball out of all that social agenda crap.

  2. He's the man!!!...and he married a women. A very attractive woman at that.


  3. Congratulations and best wishes for their future happiness!