December 10, 2013

What's More Important to Fans, the Name on the Front or the Name on the Back?

   At this week’s winter meetings, several names have been tossed around as possible trade bait, including fan favorite Daniel Murphy. This comes about a week after another fairly popular player (depending who you ask), Justin Turner, was not tendered. Based on the reaction to both on Twitter, you’d think David Wright and Matt Harvey were traded for nothing in return.

   Obviously if you watch a team long enough, you’re going to get attached to players. I get it. Edgardo Alfonzo was my favorite player growing up. It sucked when they let him walk in 2002. I got over because it was the best move for all involved. I literally saw someone tweet last night that if Murphy was traded, tey'd be so mad that they’d root for whatever team he got sent to. Another fan said that he better not wake up to find out Murphy was traded. Oh really? Hypothetically, what if he was traded for Mike Trout? Would you still be pissed? It makes me wonder: Have Mets fans accepted being mediocre as an acceptable way of life? Are the Mets just loveable losers now, where it’s ok to suck as long as the players are nice, throw pies and respond to your tweets?

   I’m a big Murphy fan. He can hit, he hustles, he changes positions without objection and works hard to become a better ball player. There’s nothing not to like about him. I really want Murphy back here in 2014. But how can I sit here and be upset that if gets traded for something that will make this team better? The Mets suck. Murphy isn’t necessarily the reason why they suck, but he’s one of the few pieces in which you can get something in return. I’m not advocating trading him for prospects or as simply a salary dump. But if Daniel Murphy can bring back someone to fill a hole on this team, then you have to do it, whether you like him or not. Not wanting Daniel Murphy to be traded because you like Daniel Murphy just means you’ve accepted losing. The Mets have had 4 losing seasons in a row. If they can lose with Daniel Murphy, then they can lose without him too.

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