December 12, 2013

Are The Mets Really Back In Business?

Say what you want about the team's front office and ownership group, the New York Mets are in the midst of their most exciting offseason in at least four years. To date the team has addressed its needs in both the outfield and the starting rotation, but work still remains to be done. 

When all the dusts settles this winter, the Mets payroll will likely only be slightly higher than last year. So while the Mets have gone on a fairly responsible shopping spree, has anything really changed?  Are they more financial sound than they were just one year ago?

Yes, the Mets are spending money and in the process, taking chances. A two year deal to a forty year old pitcher is no sure thing. Neither are the deals handed out to the team's new corner outfielders. However, the Mets are better for it. So, for the time being, is their reputation. 

The Mets are in the process of rehabilitating more than their roster. They must also rehab their relationship with the fans and most importantly, their image. They made progess in all three areas this week. In the process of improving their roster, they surprised even their most optimistic fans and also made the league take notice that this organization cares about winning again. 

This however, is only the first step. Should the team struggle in 2014, they team mustn't stick its head into the sand.  It must continue to address its needs, try to get better and make its fans believe that this winter wasn't an anomaly. 

I don't know if the moves made this winter will work out in the long run. I'm simply interested in seeing better baseball. Fans can finally see the plan in place, and while I think its premature to say the Mets are back, I do think its safe to say that for the first time in a long time the Mets have a pulse and their fans have a genuine reason to pay attention. 

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