December 18, 2013

Murphy Wants To Stay, Succeed In NY

Daniel Murphy spent some time dressed up in the white and red Tuesday, spreading some yuletide cheer dressed as Santa Claus. The subject of many trade rumors in the last few weeks, Murphy reiterated his desire to stay with the Mets. From CBS Sports:

The left-handed hitter made his big-league debut with the Amazin’s in 2008, and he’d rather not leave Queens anytime soon.
“I want to be in New York,” Murphy, who played Santa Claus at the team’s holiday party at Citi Field on Tuesday, told reporters. “Hopefully my best baseball is ahead of me. I’ve been a part of the problem, so you want to be part of the solution...
I see moves are being made,” Murphy said. “And I think our ballclub’s better today than it was at the end of the season. I don’t think there’s any doubt about that.”

Photo by Michael Baron
Obviously, a big part of this is just saying the right thing. However, the admission that he has been part of the problem, the recognition that the team has been a problem, is a little refreshing.

I certainly don't consider Daniel Murphy a player you can't win with. He was a top ten or so offensive second baseman last year, and while he may have not made a lot of the flashier plays, he was more than serviceable in the field. Reports are that Alderson and Co. are asking a king's ransom for Murphy's services, and that may have been their plan all along. While moving Murphy for some exceptional talent would be a great move, shuffling him off to another team just to bring in a reclamation project or a similar player would be pointless. He provided one of the few consistent, effective bats in the lineup last season, and can do it again this year.

At this point, if we aren't getting back top talent, keep Murph and let's win this year.


  1. I love Murph!! THE METS MUST KEEP MURPHY!!!!!

  2. Please, PLEASE Mr. Alderson, all I want for Christmas is for the Mets to keep Daniel Murphy at 2nd base. Murphy is a HITTER, and more than decent at 2nd base, and one thing the Mets need is HITTERS!

  3. Murph always plays hard, willing to take chances to make a play, a great team player and an offensive talent. I have been a Met fan for forty plus years. They trade Murph, I am canceling by direct tv package.