December 10, 2013

Source Reveals Surprise Reason for Justin Turner's Non-Tender

If you had had your fill of baseball news and rumors by dinner time last night, you missed what I happen to considered the biggest news of the day.  Its comes by way of ESPN NY's Adam Rubin who reported the following about Justin Turner via a source within the Mets organization:
Turner's propensity for not running hard irked the front office, which had finally seen enough.
I want to make sure I have this right... The Mets, an organization who let a clubhouse cancer like Jordany Valdespin linger around for what felt like forever, cut a utility infielder and all-around feel good guy for lack of hustle?!? I simply don't buy it.

Turner is not without his critics amongst Mets fans, but I suspect much of that is due to over exposure and an addiction to pieing people.  With the skills of a quality bench player, he has served as Terry Collins' go to guy over the past few years.  Does it make any sense that Collins, a manager that has criticized a player's work ethic (See: Ruben Tejada) in the past, would repetitively turn to Turner over the course of multiple seasons if he had issues with hustling?

What's equally alarming is that the organization has taken to bashing its former players.  You'll recall they criticized RA Dickey soon after his departure last winter.  Its bad business and don't think for a moment that other players won't take notice.  The Mets have enough against them when it comes to recruitment of players, particularly a lack of money and general organization direction, they should know better than to have something like make headlines.


  1. I thought it was because the whipped cream pies were costing the Wilpons too much money and it can be best used to line their pockets....

  2. He actually uses shaving cream which is only $2 per can and can last a whole season. LOL

  3. anyone ever think that the ESPN writer doesnt knwo what he's talking about or worse.. he needs soemthing to talk about so he invents an issue?