December 13, 2013

Mets Winter Meeting Theme: Progress

The Mets had a productive week in the most magical place in the world.  In addition to introducing the recently signed Curtis Granderson to the world on Tuesday, the team inked former Cy-Young Award winner, Bartolo Colon.

In addition to immediately improving their 2014 roster, the Mets announced to the rest of the baseball community, and more importantly their fans, that they have an interest in winning again.  The deals that they made were not blockbusters, but were slight overpays to mid-range free agents with quality talent.  That's a vast departure from the previous three offseasons that saw the team pick through the bottom of the barrel.

In addition to these moves, its hope that the team's front office also made the connections necessary to soon move first baseman, Ike Davis.  With supply now falling short of demand, Alderson may have waited out the market long enough to create a bidding war between the likes of Milwaukee, Tampa Bay and Pittsburgh.  At a minimum, Ike's departure will serve as a salary dump which can be used to address the bullpen.  Maximum sees the Mets get back a quality prospect.

Moving forward the Mets have two major areas left to address.  The team was unable to find traction (that we know of) in securing an upgrade at short stop.  Stephen Drew appears to be a long shot, so the Mets will turn to the trade market.  There are potential suitors, but other dominoes will have to fall first.  Finally, the team met with the agents for several relief pitchers as Alderson hopes to secure the back end of the pen, due to the uncertain health of Bobby Parnell.

All in all, a good week for the Mets and their fans.  If nothing else, a bit of an olive branch was extended from ownership to the masses.  While there is more work to be done, there is at least some optimism action will occur.  That alone is progress..something we haven't seen here in quite some time.

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