December 13, 2013

Mets May Not Be Able To Move Ike Davis At All

The Mets ultimately fell short of their goal of moving Ike Davis before the end of the winter meetings this week.  They did however have productive discussions with several teams in an effort to do so.  Unfortunately, talks don't always lead to actions and in the latest string of news, the teams who figured to be major suitors for Davis may look elsewhere.

With regards to the Milwaukee Brewers, FOX's Ken Rosenthal said the tweeting the following this morning:
More recently, he reported this in regards to the Tampa Bay Rays:
Pickens be gettin' slim... Here's the problem. It was originally thought that whoever lost out on the James Loney sweepstakes would settle for Ike Davis via trade. Should the Rays sign Uribe, the Brewers could end up the lone bidder for Loney. The only other team in play for Davis, the Pittsburgh Pirates, is reportedly focused on trading for Mitch Moreland.

If those dominos fall in that order, the Mets may have overplayed their hand with Davis.  Being unable to unload Davis may have twice the consequences. The roughly $3 million the Mets would save was to be used to bolster the bullpen. The pitching prospect the Mets seek, provided theoretical depth should the Mets trade pitching for a shortstop. 

They team's from office may still be basking in the afterglow of a successful Winter Meetings, but they have a very problematic situation brewing in Davis. If he ultimately cannot be moved, the team could stand to bring an understandably unhappy Davis to spring training which would have all the makings of a media nightmare. 

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