December 12, 2013

With The Mets Spending, Pressure On Terry Collins Increases

Terry Collins has not had the easiest job in baseball the last few years. Coaching, really doing anything sports related, in New York City is no treat. Criticism comes quickly and harshly, and Collins has not been immune to it. Behind each critique of TC's performance, however, has been an undertone of his role being inconsequential. He had been labeled a few things- a hand maiden to the front office, a wet nurse to the young pitchers- but everyone seemed in agreement that it didn't matter what he did, because the Mets were going to be bad anyway. And certainly, that only stuck because of the significant amount of truth to it.

In my opinion, Collins has done well with the hand he has been dealt. He has been trotting a AAA team out onto Citi Field for the past few years, with no leverage to pressure the front office to bring in some help. Collins was in player development in the Met organization before donning a jersey again; before he took the job, the plan was probably spelled out to him in great detail. No doubt, his willingness to suffer the losing seasons at the beginning of the process aided him in landing the position. But we have reached, or at least started to reach, the other side. The team is spending, and while it may not quite be ready to fight for a title, it is pulling itself up from the bottom of the barrel. We've seen Collins weather storms, and we've witnessed his ability to keep a locker room together while playing for a lost cause. Now we need to see him win.

Photo by Michael Baron
With David Wright as a clubhouse leader, it's unlikely he'll ever have to quell a clubhouse mutiny. The addition of Granderson, a notably good influence for a team, makes that likelihood even less. Collins can and should focus all of his attention on putting his players in positions to succeed, to make winning plays rather than losing ones. Even with the new additions, there is going to be a significant amount of youth on this team. Get a feel for those players, learn their physical and mental strengths and weaknesses. Know when somebody needs to sit down for a game or two, and when playing will get them out of a funk rather than rest.

It's a tough job, and a better team is going to bring higher expectations. I hope to see Collins react well to the pressure. If he doesn't, there are sure to be consequences, but the upside is far greater. Bring success to this franchise, and the team's fans can be as loving as they are rabid.

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