December 21, 2013

Daniel Murphy Interviewed On WOR, And It's Just Awful

This is the downside to having your baseball team broadcast by a non-sports station. Daniel Murphy is really doing his best in this interview, but it is just inane. This lady, Joan Hamburg, clearly did not sign up for baseball player interviewers when she got this job. This sounds like Daniel Murphy having the requisite awkward Christmas conversation with his great aunt.

This will probably be the first of many terrible and awkward interviews by the news talk personalities at WOR with Mets players. If that is the case, here's hoping Matt Harvey at least comes on to pitch Qualcomm.


  1. Not "awful" at all. Murphy was terrific and Joan Hamburg was professional. Sure, she knows little to nothing about baseball, but I thought it was a great interview.

    It really revealed a lot about Murphy and his feelings about being drafted by the Mets; the cold weather, living in NYC and Times Square.

  2. This site is awful.. but hey hey named it the "effing" Mets... so of course there's not ever going to be anything positive

    1. Read more often, you'll find a ton of positive opinions and hope. This just sounds like a phone call between my grandmother and Daniel Murphy instead of getting actual sports analysis.