December 17, 2013

Wheeler Wants The Ball On Opening Day

The team holiday party has been ripe with controversy in recent years.  This winter brought not such action, but did have one comment of note.  When asked if he wanted to be the opening day starter in April, Zack Wheeler told Newsday "of course."  The paper goes on to say that Wheeler was quite matter of act about it, rather than giving the politically correct replay that Niese may have claim to it as staff veteran.

It got me thinking, if nothing else.  Niese was the opening day starter in 2013, but that probably had more to do with the fact that the Mets had a weak rotations, as opposed to him actually earning the opportunity.  My guess is that Wheeler will have the fan's support for the opening day nod, as he'll look to parlay the excitement that accompanied his debut season last summer.

Just food for thought, if the opening day start were to be based on 2013 performance it would undoubtedly go to new starter, Bartolo Colon.  I highly doubt the Mets would go in that direction, but it could be an interesting debate.  Who would you select for opening day?  More importantly, why?


  1. I'd give it to Niese again. Harvey didn't get it last season, and Colon is an incoming free agent. Jon's been with the team and would be a solid pick

  2. john niese. several reasons. for past performance as a met.. if opening day starter is a reward. if you want the best chance for a win - john niese. he knows the league a iot better than colon.

  3. I'd give the nod to Dillon Gee who, unlike Jonathan Niese, earned it. The honor goes to the "ace of the staff." Niese was the opening day starter in 2013 because Johan went down, Dickey was gone, and he was next in line. Being a 50/50 pitcher (he's likely to lose a game as he is to win it), his numbers don't warrant "ace of the staff." If Matt Harvey were healthy, no doubt he would've gotten the honor. Zack Wheeler hasn't been around long enough and hasn't earned it yet. Colon hasn't earned it (with the Mets anyway), either, new contract notwithstanding.