December 24, 2013

Prospect Profile: Amed Rosario

Bio: 6' 2" 170 lbs from the . Age 18.
Drafted: Undrafted. Signed as an international free agent on 7/2/12 from Santo Domingo Centro, Dominican Republic by the New York Mets. His $1.75M signing bonus was the largest ever given by the Mets to an international free agent.

Scouting Report:
Upon being signed, Mets front office man Paul DePodesta described Rosario as "extremely athletic, very instinctual and highly intelligent." However, its important to remember that he is very young.  He has great tools, which include above-average speed and an above-average arm, along with enough power that should make him a threat on both sides of the game.  There is a consensus that he will need to completely rebuild his swing, but he already drives the ball to right-center field with efficiency.  Despite this and the fact that his defense reads need to improve, he has plenty of time.

2013 Stats:
Kingsport (A): 212 AB, 22 R, 51 H, 8 2B, 3 HR, 11 BB, 43 SO, .241 BA, .279 OBP

Named the best prospect in the Appalachian League in 2013 by Baseball America, scouts seem to be split on the youngster, with some projecting him as the answer at shortstop long-term, and others seeing an eventual move to the outfield.  His talent is raw, but everyone does seem to agree that he has the tools of an eventual major leaguer.  Whether that means an above-average shortstop or average outfielder is something that will take years to work through.

What's Next:
At only 18 years old, Rosario will spend years developing his game before it will translate to the big league level. He won't see a full season of baseball in 2014, as he stands to open the year in extended spring training, with an eventual move to the New York Penn League.  If you want something to watch this year, pay attention to his strike out rate.  As his pitch recognition skills improve, that should drop and his average should rise.

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  1. He tends to flare balls to right field more often than driving the ball, which is a direct result of have trouble with his pitch recognition. His spray chart tells the story of a player with poor pitch recognition, but that is fine at his age. If we see the same issues when he is 20, we may have some problems.