December 23, 2013

All-Time Mets/Yankees Team

Spurred on by the announcement of Carlos Beltron in pinstripes, the NJ Star Ledger posted its all-time lineup of players who've played for both the Mets and the Yankees.  The only criteria to make the team was that players must have suited up for both clubs.  Here's who made the cut:

Yogi Berra (Yankees: 2,116 games; Mets: 4)

First base:
John Olerud (Yankees: 49 games; Mets: 476)
Second base:
Willie Randolph (Yankees: 1,694 games; Mets 90)
Third base:
Robin Ventura (Yankees: 230 games; Mets: 444)

Tony Fernandez (Yankees: 108 games; Mets 48)

Darryl Strawberry (Yankees: 231 games; Mets: 1,109)
Rickey Henderson (Yankees: 596 games; Mets: 152)
Gary Sheffield (Yankees: 347 games; Mets: 100)

Starting pitcher:
Doc Gooden (Yankees 67 games; Mets: 309)
Relief pitcher:
Jesse Orosco (Yankees: 15 games; Mets: 372)

Armando Benitez (Yankees: 9 games; Mets: 333)
This is pretty cool and brings back memories both good and bad.  For my money, the Yankees can keep the likes of Willie Randolph (despite his managerial success) and Armando Benitez.  I'd also be willing to bet that before his three year contract with the Yankees is over, Carlos Beltran could suplant Gary Sheffield on this list.
What do you think?  Did the Ledger miss anyone?

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  1. they missed the best picture the Mets ever had and that is
    Tom Sever. He was on one of the worst teams in the history of the Mets and yet still won 25 games. He also pitched for the Yankees.