December 26, 2013

Another Stephen Drew Suitor Falls?

There may be a serious silver lining in the news that the Rakuten Golden Eagles have chosen to post Masahiro Tanaka.  It's logical to think that this may prevent the New York Yankees from bidding on shortstop Stephen Drew.

Last weekend you may recall reports that Scott Boras approached the Mets regarding Drew, whose market has gradually diminished. Once expected to command a four-year contract in the neighborhood of $60 million dollars, Drew may now have to settle for only two-years and around $25 million. Such a drop in asking price may have seen him reenter the Mets price range. 

The Yankees were thought to be one of the few other teams interested in Drew, but only in a backup capacity. With the organization intent on maintaining a payroll under $189 million and expected to make an all out attempt at the expensive Tanaka, it stands to reason that they can no longer afford a $12 million dollar backup shortstop. 

If the Yankees drop out of the running (which isn't confirmed), that leaves only one other major contender in the Boston Red Sox, who themselves added another shortstop last week by acquiring Jonathan Herrera.  Does that dull their pursuit of Drew?  That remains to be seen, but it's very realistic to think that the Mets may be the last partner at the dance. 

Now the question becomes will the Mets increase their anticipated payroll to make it happen?  Currently sitting at an estimated $83 million dollars, the team's payroll would approach $100 million if Drew is acquired when combined with some minimal bullpen renovations.  That's a number no one envisioned for the Mets in 2014, but as his market falls Drew should receive major consideration to fill the Mets infield needs. 

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