December 11, 2013

Davis Remains A Fallback Plan For His Major Suitors

The Mets received some good news this afternoon in that Corey Hart has decided to sign with the Seattle Mariners.  Had Hart signed with the Brewers, it would have removed an additional team from what we'll call the Ike Davis Sweepstakes.  The problem remains, he still isn't anyone's priority.

Promptly after the Hart new broke, the following reports began to surface that Davis' top two remaining suitors, the Milwaukee Brewers and Tampa Bay Rays would look at other options before settling for the Mets first baseman.

This is bad news and likely the direct result of the Mets requiring the moon in exchange for Davis. Metsmerized Online recently reported that the Brewers started looking elsewhere because the Mets are demanding Tyler Thornburg, who stands to be their fifth starter next year.

As is always the case, the situation is fluid.  Things changed, but the Mets need something to fall their way if they hope to unload Davis for a respectable return.

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