December 18, 2013

Brewers Won't Budge On Ike Davis

For the first time in days there is some new information regarding a potential trade that would send Ike Davis to the Milwaukee Brewers.  The news however is both good and bad.  Tom Haudicourt of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel spoke with Brewer's GM Bob Melvin, who said the following:
"It's pretty quiet...We know all the names. It's a small group. Nothing changes from one day to the next. Ike Davis is the one player people talk about. Other than that, there's not much available."
You'll recall the Mets have requested Brewers pitcher Tyler Thornburg in exchange for Davis. The Brewers said no, but the Mets haven't backed down. Apparently neither have the Brewers because talks haven't progressed. Melvin even went as far as saying the team may have to "mix and match" its only players to fill the void at first base if a deal doesn't materialize.

This will be the second game of chicken Sandy Alderson has engaged in this winter.  The previous one saw the Mets cave and offer a fourth year to Curtis Granderson.  This outcome remains to be seen, but it looks clear that the Brewers are in on Davis.  We'll just have to see who blinks first.

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  1. The Mets will stand to gain a lot more from the trade of Ike Davis. The Mets will gain some added payroll flexibility, they will move a disgruntled player and one who may or may not follow the directions of the staff. Additionally they stand to gain a pen or a back of the rotation starter both areas of need. With the additional payroll they Mets could pursue an upgrade at SS. This front office seems inclined to hand the first base job to Lucas Duda and some combination with Josh Satin. In my opinion the Mets will eventually lower the asking price for Davis as they have the most to gain.