December 9, 2013

Mets Continue To Lower Expectations

I'm confused...  In a matter of a few days the Mets have gone from delivering the biggest acquisition of the Sandy Alderson era, to once again returning to a dialogue which does little more than lower expectations.  It just doesn't add up.

Coming into the winter the Mets were seemingly poised to renovate the roster.  Thus far they've handed out a very questionable one year, $7.25 million dollar contract to Chris Young and another much more justifiable four year, 60 million dollar contract to Curtis Granderson.  They even took the time to back load Granderson's contract to maintain most payroll flexibility headed into 2014.

Since then they've lowered their target payroll, told their fans they're out of the free agent market and that they are prepared to open the season having not upgraded their number one priority this winter, short stop.  I understand that things happen.  Perhaps there was no way to make a significant upgrade at short, but take that money and distribute it elsewhere.  Alderson himself said today that the team can manage with Tejada starting at short stop if the team around him has improved, but all the dialogue suggests that short of a trade or two, this offseason shopping spree is just about complete.

Fans are frustrated, and justifiably so.  I don't expect Sandy Alderson to lay his playbook on the table.  There are 29 other general managers in Orlando looking to get the best deal's possible.  I understand that some of what Alderson says is lip service, but my god, let fans be excited for a few days before your rip them down to reality.

Things are going to happen this week.  I'm certain of that. What transpires may ultimately determine whether this winter was worth it, but I like many, am starting to have my doubts.

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