December 12, 2013

Man Who Threatens Mets Pleads Not Guilty

Many of you know him on twitter as @danxtanna, but in real life 42 year old Aryn Leroux entered a plea of 'not guilty' today in a West Haven, CT courtroom.  Many of you will recall that Leroux was arrested (which much fanfare on twitter) after making a series of direct threats against Justin Turner, LaTroy Hawkins, Terry Collins and even Citi Field itself.  He also had an internet run in in which he threatened to fight former met, Jon Rauch.

Leroux will appear in court again on January 28th, at which point I hope he gets the chair (only sort of kidding).  Let this serve as a lesson to folks that you can be held accountable for the things you say using the anonymity of the internet.  Whether or not you actually intend to act on your threats is irrelevant. 

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