December 13, 2013

Filling the SS Gap: Jean Segura

Segura was selected to his first All-Star Game in 2013.

With the additions of Curtis Granderson and Bartolo Colon this past week, Sandy Alderson has fortified two of the major holes the Mets faced going into the offseason.

The most gaping one remaining is at shortstop. Ruben Tejada's mediocre production in 2013 in addition to his poor ability to stay healthy and lack of hustle have led the front office to shut the door on that experiment.

Finding the first suitable replacement for Jose Reyes at short has been a problem Alderson has faced since Reyes' departure in 2011. However, it's the Mets and Milwaukee Brewers who appear to be able to satisfy each other's needs in that department.

The Brewers acquired all-star shortstop Jean Segura from the Angels in 2012 in a deal that sent Zack Greinke to Anaheim. At 23, Segura tore it up in 2013, batting .294/.329/.752 in 146 games at short for the Brewers. Appealing, is he not?

Unfortunately for Milwaukee, the departure of Corey Hart and the uncertain future of Ryan Braun leaves a gaping hole at first base. Missing out on James Loney and Mark Trumbo could leave Ike Davis as a very real possibility for the Brewers to fill that need.

I would project a fair trade as Segura for Davis, Rafael Montero, and if need be, Wilmer Flores or Cesar Puello.

If you're the Mets, you're getting a proven shortstop for a first baseman in need of a change in scenery, one of many pitching prospects you already possess, and one mid-level prospect if you really have to. If you're the Brewers, you're filling first base with a high-ceiling player and getting needed starting pitching.

While general managers thus far haven't taken any of my previous advice, this trade is one that makes a deal of sense to both parties. Here's what the 2014 Mets would look like with Segura in the lineup:

Segura - SS
Young Jr - LF
Wright - 3B
Granderson - RF
Murphy - 2B
Duda - 1B
Lagares - CF
d'Arnaud - C

If Sandy Alderson can get this done, things may be looking up Queens much sooner than fans could have hoped.

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  1. They did not sign the other young to sit on the bench. after Murphy there are three weak hitters

  2. Wow. That is insane. The Brewers wouldn't even consider it.

  3. We will not give up Segura for AAA players. Get real.