December 11, 2013

Speculation: Mets May Be Keeping Murphy

A report by Adam Rubin of ESPN NY states that an executive from a team that had shown interest in Daniel Murphy told him that the price was, "substantial."
Photo by Michael Baron
In the piece, Rubin states that this may indicate that, if not properly compensated for Murphy's production, the Mets will probably hold onto Murphy.

Again, if the Mets add power elsewhere, which they already have with Granderson, I have very little problem moving Murphy over to first base. He has been shuffled from position to position already on this team, and was a natural corner infielder to begin with. If he can be converted into a more than competent second baseman, he can almost certainly be taught to play a passable first base. Additionally, it keeps one of the Mets most consistent bats in its lineup.


  1. Exactly. One of the best hitters (5th in hits) in the NL. With Curtis and David behind him, Murph will hit 50 doubles, 15 HRs and bat .300


  2. I think a trade only comes if they shang hai someone ala wheeler