December 17, 2013

Interest In Ike Davis Remains Lukewarm

Just hours after Sandy Alderson told reporters that their are less teams interested in Davis than earlier in the winter, and that the Mets could bring him to spring training in two months, it appears there is still a market for the first baseman.  The problem remains it isn't a very strong one.
Sandy Alderson has waited out the market at first base. However, Ike Davis still isn't all that appealing. He went on record at the Winter Meetings in Orlando that wouldn't 'give away' a first baseman, but ultimately may have to settle for what he can get. Even now, Davis isn't the clear choice for anyone left in the market.

I still find it hard to believe the Mets would bring Davis to spring training. Its a recipe for disaster and could prove to be a distraction for the players around him. The Mets don't need that type of press. My guess is he gets moved somewhere, but I don't the return will be anywhere near what was expected when the offseason ended.

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