December 18, 2013

WFAN's Joe Benigno Critical Of Matt Harvey's Social Life

Joe Benigno, WFAN's midday co-host, strapped on his high horse and set his verbal crosshair on Matt Harvey's nighttime activities with his supermodel girlfriend, Anne V. Benigno goes on to say that "Harvey has accomplished nothing" and basically infers that he doesn't deserve his new found celebrity.

Here's where I stand on this... Benigno has become a shell of himself. A talking head who plays second fiddle to his younger co-host. This was a ratings grab and nothing more. Unfortunately, its succeeded. Harvey took the baseball world by storm last summer and immediately cashed in on that stardom. Just as he does when he's on the mound, Harvey didn't exactly back down from the rant, posting the following on his twitter account:
Its worth nothing that Harvey also retweeted a rather colorful, if not vulgar, tweet from a fan that's just a hair too profanity laced for our filters. He promptly removed it, but the damage was done. Harvey will need to learn to manage the media, but his response in this instance was warranted. He's twenty-four years old, loaded, and has a future ex-trophy wife on his arm at all times. He needn't stay in hiding because he's injured. Benigno needs to get a grip on reality. Harvey is a superstar and he's here to stay.


  1. Don't watch it then, Joe. Give it a rest. Get a life!

  2. Hey Joe, I heard you yap and yap are you turning green? sure sounds it ..... it will play out if the media leaves it alone.

  3. Joe is just upset Harvey doesn't need a hoody, footy blanket thingy to get his lady friend warm.