December 23, 2013

The Mets Are Back In Black... Maybe

Adam Rubin tweeted out today that the Mets still have black on their uniform list for 2014. Don't get me wrong. I love the traditional Mets pinstripes and grey uniforms with the blue hat. I also really enjoy the blue alternates. But I am a fan of the black. I always have been. I was sad when they got rid of the black.

I think the black is a nice change of pace. I agree that the Mets got a little black heavy during that period of time when it was in the rotation. But I think that if worn every now and then (Once or twice a month maybe), it's a nice way for the team to acknowlege and important time in Mets history in which the black was a feature color. A whole generation of Mets fans were raised on black jerseys. And when you see many highlights of the memorable moments in Mets history from 1998-2008, they are in black.
The black makes for some good outer wear too. I'm big into wearing bright flashy colors, so I love rocking blue and orange. But every now and then, you gotta dial it down a notch. So while most of my wardrobe from April through october consists of Mets gear, there's only so much blue a man can wear before people think you only own 3 shirts. I have and love my black dugout windbreaker. And I've always loved the black hat.

I think fan support for and against the black is split down the middle. So I am glad the Mets are at least considering it because it shows that they don't base how they dress or how they run their franchise solely on the opinion a few induviduals who feel like they are the voice of the fans. Bottom line is the fans are going to watch this team regardless. If they win the World Series this year**, they could wear hefty garbage bags for all anyone could care. No one forces you to buy black apparel. Based on the last few years, from here on out only the colors blue and orange will be synonomous with the Mets brand. But remember the old saying, once you go black, you don't go back.


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