December 27, 2013

Mets In Dwindling Group Of Stephen Drew Contenders

From on Stephen Drew:

Let's say Stephen Drew is unsigned a few weeks from now. What a hammer the Red Sox have. They don't necessarily need Drew but still could make good use of him. They can offer him a one-year deal, take it or leave it. If he balks, they'll take the draft pick when he finally signs with another team.- Peter Abraham, Boston Globe
This sounds like a pie in the sky scenario from a Boston news source. It is terrific, in theory, to offer a shortstop a one year, take-it-or-leave-it offer in a vacuum. In the real world, however, it becomes much more likely that even the suitors who had dropped out on him re-enter the mix if the price becomes that low. Combining this type of speculation with multiple reports that the Mets would consider going to at least two years leaves room to think of the Mets as a serious option for Drew's services.

Obviously, the signing of Drew, a 30 year old career .264 hitter, would fill a massive gap in the Mets lineup and move them that much closer to contention. He is not a superstar, but again, solving the Mets has less to do with bringing in superstars than it does with plugging the holes with competent major league talent and letting the young stars develop.


  1. Gosh, if we keep delaying, we are going to blow it!

    This guy is what we need - another presence in the clubhouse, a leadoff hitter, strong defense, and we give up no talent to acquire him! C'mon Sandy

  2. Uh, we give up a 3rd round pick and the accompanying slot money for a SS on the wrong side of 30 who's missed a boat load of time two of the last three years, and it would most likely hinge on giving away Ike Davis to make space for the cheap Wilpons to afford him since the offers thus far are underwhelming. The winner of these sweepstakes still has to deal with one Scott Bocas. I don't like it, not one bit. Pass. There's a reason he's falling to us. He's simply not worth the money he's asking, even ina two year deal