December 18, 2013

Matt Harvey Should Let the Haters Hate

Matt Harvey is living the dream. Despite being out for 2014, he's the ace of the NY Mets. He makes solid money playing a sports, as well as supporting and honoring Qualcomm. He dates a Victoria's Secret model. He's got the world by the balls.

Joe Beningo is a gremlin who has become a d-list local celebrity with a worn out disgruntled fan act. Despite being within his right to be bitter about rooting for crappy sports teams his whole life, he doesn't need to be telling grown ass men what to do with their free time. Last time I checked, most people who went to sporting events sat in the best seats available to them within their price range.
Photo: New York Post

Matt Harvey doesn't have to answer to anyone except his family and the people who sign his checks. As long as he keeps up with his rehab and does what he has to do to get back on the field in 2015, what does it
matter where he goes and who it's with? This is just another example of a NYC media personality trying to cause an issue for the sake of ratings.

It would be nice to see Matt Harvey mature a little bit and show some tact when it comes to certain situations. But Harvey has an edge to him that I think led to his success in 2013. I want Matt Harvey to stay true to himself and keep being Matt Harvey. He should learn though that some things are better left unsaid. I'll never blame a man for defending himself. Hopefully Harvey has a lot more good years here in NYC. There's going to be a lot of hate along the way. In the end, Matt Harvey is winning, whether it's on or off the field.


  1. I disagree. And, yes I am a chick. First off, Miss V is not a Victoria Secret model (not that it matters- but setting the record straight). I know, dating a "model" is a badge of honor to most men. And yes, lord knows Harvey has done his part- where he earned the fruit of his labor. But, Wright is dating a model too. Do you see him being overly lovie dovie with his broad in public? No. It's one thing to be a good boyfriend, and another making a statement who you are dating. As for Beningo. Not a fan myself, but he-as radio personnel- has his right to an opinion, as we all do. I do think Harvey was acting like a baby responding to this. Is he going to take time to respond to every little ill thing a critic says? If so, he is going to have a miserable time pitching in NY. Your a man.. act like one. Why defend yourself like a guilty child, if you think your actions are right? "Jealousy is a bad trait" - really Matt? Just worry about your arm and getting better...not a B list radio personality...

  2. Well I did say that I hope in the future he shows a little more tact in regards to how he handles certain situations. Bottom line is that he can go out to a basketball game if he wants. He can't control being put up on the jumbotron of the MSG network showing him on TV. The man just wants to enjoy his great life. I don't blame him. And I thought she was Victorias Secret. My bad.