December 31, 2013

Mets Shouldn't Even Consider Santana For 2014

I love Johan Santana. He was a gamer for us when healthy. He was electrifying to watch. Whether it was striking guys out, diving for bunted balls or swinging out of his shoes at the plate, he kept you watching the game. Besides pitching the team's first no-hitter, he also got laid on a golf course. It would have been nice if we had won more with him here, but I appreciate everything he did for this organization.

Early in the offseason I was all for bringing Santana back. However, even if only for a minor league deal, the Mets do not need Santana back. Frankly, I don't think it would benefit either party. After the surprising signing of Bartolo Colon, the Mets currently have 4 rotation spots solidified. Coming back to camp this year will be Jenrry Mejia. I'd love to see him grab the 5th spot, especially after the way he performed in his short stint last season. However Mejia has failed to prove he can stay healthy.

You don't know what you're getting from Johan this year. He's missed most of the last 3 seasons. Between him and Mejia, there would be no guarantee in that 5th spot of the rotation. The Mets have proven to not promote players until it is fiscally beneficial or out of desperation. And in reality, this is the right thing to do considering the position they've been in the last few seasons. The last thing the Mets should do is start the clock on Montero or Syndergaard prematurely. As exciting as this offseason has been in regards to the Mets making some solid acquisitions, most level headed fans are probably not expecting the Mets to be serious contenders this year.

The Mets need stability. All they need is a low cost veteran pitcher to come in and compete and give them some starts. Maybe Mejia wins the job outright and you can keep this veteran in the pen as a long man spot starter or accept an assignment in AAA. Either way, it's time for the Met and the fans to get past the story and the nostalgia and just part ways with Santana. Johan should go find a team that will give him a legitimiate shot to make their rotation and a chance to win a ring.


  1. Couldn't have said it better myself. The Mets need dependability and consistency from members of the rotation two qualities santana doesn't have at this point in his career. They would be better served going with 2 to 3 low cost options stashed in AAA plus Mejia.

  2. I agree on Santana, but I do think that Montero should be considered also for the rotation out of camp.