December 11, 2013

Can Mets Sign Drew, Then Deal Ike?

Effing novel concept, huh? Sign Stephen Drew to a three year deal and then make every effort to deal Davis. It might have to be at a later time, but it immediately solves their problem at shortstop and makes sure they land a talented one, at that.

Sandy claims ownership has told him there is flexibility to make something like this happen. Problem is, according to ownership Sandy hasn't approached them about Drew. Does Sandy not like Stephen? Is this more typical disconnect between the front office and ownership? Something has to be up. And even so, if Ike doesn't get dealt what is an extra $3 million in salary to a team reportedly worth so much?

Come on Sandy, I did this type of thing to my parents all the time. It's the old "please buy this for me and I promise I will do what you ask at a later time."

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  1. I am not at all sure Drew is the right guy for the job. We have a ton of 240 to 250 hitters with a boat load of strikeouts already. Lets use some of our DEEP pitching to make a trade for a shortstop