December 9, 2013

Sandy, What Are You Trying To Do to Us?

Alright, now that the fog is clearing from a week in Cancun Mexico, I have had some time to catch up on all things Mets. First off, the Granderson signing. I like it but am not in love with it but on paper it does make the Mets better. I am still on the fence with the Young signing, but whatever.

What I can't understand for the life of me is what Sandy is up to. He has gone back and forth on deals for a pitcher, with it being reported that he met with Bartolo Colon, who is looking for a $10 million dollar deal. That doesn't remotely jive with the BS he previously said he was looking for. So why even bother talking with him? It feels like he stirs this stuff up to get Mets fans excited only for a colossal kick to the groin.

Now I am reading that Ruben Tejada is an option at 2B. Um, who the heck is going to play SS? Is something in the works? Based on everything I've read, there's nothing doing in terms of trade and now the BoSox can just wait out Stephen Drew, who also was originally on Sandy's short list.

Bottom line, it is tiresome to keep hearing that the Mets have been linked to this player or that player. If you will only do a 1 year deal with a pitcher then great but let's stop letting media outlets say they like pitchers like Arroyo, Hughes, Colon, et al.

At any rate Mets fans are tired of the coyness. If you need that definition youtube Seinfeld and George Costanza calling Newman coy.

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