December 6, 2013

Mets And Granderson Settle In For A Game Of Chicken

As is always the case, there is no such thing as immediate gratification for Mets fans.  What started out as a hot pursuit to fill the team's remaining hole in the outfield, has slowed to a proverbial crawl.  On the bright side, the longer it takes for this to play out, the more we're learning about the situation.  Here are a few bits of information that came to light yesterday afternoon:

It seems there will be no quick resolution for this one. In fact, I'm curious to know what the ongoing negotiations have been over the past 24 to 48 hours.  This morning over on MetsBlog, Matt Cerrone writes that the Mets are holding firm with an offer of three years and roughly $45 million dollars.

However, before we haul off and call the Mets out for the cheapskates they've been in recent years, the Post's Mike Puma went on to mention later in the night that the Mets may be bidding against themselves if they were to go to a fourth year.  What he's getting at is that there are no other teams hot on Granderson right now.  At least not hot to the point of offering the fourth year he covets so badly.

Little Jerry
If we've learned anything during his tenure, its that Sandy Alderson will do everything in his power (to include walking away from the deal) to avoid overpaying.  Although we've heard from several sources that the Mets are willing to overpay if necessary, I wouldn't advocate they do so for the sake of closing the deal.  Would you want to pay a 36 year old Curtis Granderson close to $15 million dollars when he's in the twilight of his career?  I know I wouldn't..and I think its safe to say Sandy Alderson would like to avoid doing so as well.

For those of you who fear that the Mets could lose Granderson by playing the game this way, you fears are warranted.  My largest fear in this process is that the money which could potentially be allocated to Granderson is theoretically held in check right now, thus preventing the team from exploring other avenues.  I'd hate for them to come up short elsewhere because these negotiations have stalled.  As I've said several times, I understand why Granderson is stalling.  I also understand, at least to this point, why the Mets won't budge.  Until another team enters the game, this little staring contest is exactly what the doctor ordered.


  1. I am a 73 year old Fan, and getting to old for this staring thing .Can we just sign him and move on?

    1. Nature of the business, unfortunately. Do you really want the team to bid against itself?