December 5, 2013

Mets Should Only Trade Murphy For Offensive Gain

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Say what you want about Daniel Murphy, the kid can hit.  Despite clubbing a surprising thirteen home runs in 2013, he doesn't traditionally hit for power.  What he does do, is stroke the quite well.  Averaging just shy of forty doubles per 162 games played, Murphy boasts a career .290 average and has become quite the table setter over the past two years.  As a result, he is projected to make $5.8 million dollars according to MLB Trade Rumors.

That salary, combined with the fact that he is one of a select few major league ready trade chips the Mets have could see him on his way out of town.  The question remains in exchange for what?

If the Mets manage to obtain the services of Curtis Granderson or any other formidable outfielder, it would theoretically free Eric Young Jr. to move from left field, to second base (his natural position).  Some speculate such a possibility makes Daniel Murphy expendable.  While I'm not 100% sure I agree because Young can't compare offensively, I recognize that the Mets would instantly save upwards of $5 million dollars if Murphy is sent packing.  That said, the Mets should only do so if it ensures his offense is made up elsewhere.

There are two options to that extent.  The Mets could directly trade or package Murphy for an offensive upgrade at either short stop or second base.  Conversely, the savings from moving Murphy could be applied to signing a free agent middle infielder, such at Stephen Drew if his market fails to come around.  Regardless, I'm uncertain if either either option makes the Mets a better baseball team overall.

Daniel Murphy has slowly but surely become one of the core members of the team.  If he isn't in the lineup next season, I'm not sure the ten or so home runs they may gain will justify the loss of his overall contribution.  It may take a vast improvement at short stop, combined with the signing of someone such as Omar Infante to man second to justify his departure and I'm just not sure the Mets have the pockets to make that happen.

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