December 2, 2013

The Mets "Pursuit" Of Bronson Arroyo

As you  may have noticed, we here at Effing Mets took the holiday weekend off, but here is a quick recap of the Bronson Arroyo soap opera...
11/30/13 - The Mets plan to meet with Bronson Arroyo.  ESPN NY reports that the Mets have reached out to Arroyo's agent in an effort to set up a meeting at the free agent pitcher's home.

11/30/13 - The Mets have no plans to meet with Bronson Arroyo.  Dave Lennon of Newsday reports that the Mets have no intention of meeting with Arroyo.

12/2/13 - The Mets might meet with Bronson Arroyo.  ESPN NY reports that the Mets aren't.. and I quote: "super high" on the veteran pitcher. 
What does all that mean?  My guess is the Mets would love to acquire Arroyo's services, but can't fathom giving a 37 year old pitcher with nearly 2,300 innings on his arm a multi-year deal that would likely be in excess of $30 million dollars.

Arroyo is the definition of the starting pitcher the Mets entered the winter in search of.  He provides a guaranteed 200 innings every year, would provide a veteran presence to mold the team's young starters and oddly enough, still throws a pretty good game.  That said, the Mets remain more interested in their wallet than their baseball roster.

I expect Arroyo rumors until he eventually signs somewhere.  I don't expect that somewhere to be Queens.  Arroyo is admittedly a risk, because his arm won't last forever.  Phil Hughes weekend deal worth 3/$24MM likely increased Arroyo's value and likely priced the Mets out...again.

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  1. That was 3/$24 million for Hughes, not 2/$24 million.

    I'd just as soon see them go after Joe Saunders who is left handed and coming off his first really bad season after a number of good ones. He's four years younger and his last contract was for $6.5 million. $5 million might do it.

    Plan B could be Jon Garland but when the Rockies let you walk away, that's a huge red flag.