December 2, 2013

Cyber Monday Mets Eagerly Await Non-Tender Deadline

As the holiday season ramps up, we check in with Sandy Alderson who I believe has been camped out at the edge of what can only be described as baseball hell since the beginning of the offseason.  What for you ask?  Well at midnight tonight, teams will have to have decided whether or not to have tendered contracts their arbitration eligible players. If teams choose not to, those players will be come free agents.

Alderson will undoubtedly want to be first in line when the market becomes flush with a plethora of cheap baseball players whom other teams couldn't be bothered to pay.  Yes Mets fans, be prepared for a brand new round of bottom feeding...

We've already heard some rumors, to include Chicago White Sox catcher, Tyler Flowers.  Flowers, who couldn't manage a .200 batting average in 84 games last season is the obvious choice to backup prospect sensation, Travis d'Arnaud, because the Mets can't be bothered to spend money on an actual backup catcher.  Should d'Arnaud fall victim to another injury, fans will be excited to see Flowers as an everyday calamity behind home plate.

As the offseason rolls on, so too does the litany of excuses and explanations as to why the market is overvalued.  As a result, expect the Mets to be heavily involved in bringing even more castoffs to Citi Field to round out their roster.

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