December 2, 2013

Do The Mets Suffer From A Biased Media?

Google "Mets sticker shock" and look at the results. Now, plug in any other team name before sticker shock and check the results again. Far different, no? There may be one headline or two there linking to an article from the past year or two, but not the full, multiple pages worth of results that the Mets produce. Now, we all now that other teams even in just the past month must have been surprised at what the free agents are commanding in this market. Perhaps not to the point of not signing them, like the Mets, but at least a bit taken aback by the asking price.

Photo by Michael Baron
So, why are the Mets the only ones colored as being in shock? Is it because they are an easy target, regularly muffing opportunities and making mistakes? That could be part of it. But the media always seems ready to pounce on a story that makes the front office and ownership seem incompetent. While I disagree with many of the franchise's decisions, it is important to remember that none of the players in this game (Sandy, Jeff and Fred Wilpon, etc.) got to where they are in life by being dumb. These are not stupid men. Limited financially, maybe. Motivated by factors other than providing a winning baseball team, almost certainly. But to say they were any more shocked at prices than other teams in the running for free agents seems disingenuous at best, and willfully misleading at worst. Calling them incompetent may get clicks or sell newspapers, but it is lazy. Search for the real reason, do the real reporting, and find out if the team is financially strapped. Find out who in the front office is pulling to spend more money, and who is pulling in on the purse strings. Enough leaks out of that office; get some information the fans actually want.

I don't think the Mets are doing a good job. Far from it, in fact. I just want the media covering the teams to take them down with facts, numbers, and real matters if negative press is warranted rather than biased use of buzzwords, like sticker shock.

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