December 4, 2013

Mets On Outside Looking In During Tuesday's Market Run

Close your eyes and count to ten, because although you're rightfully frustrated the fact that the Mets didn't make a move yesterday isn't the end of the world.  We are all waiting... Hanging on every rumor, every tweet and every news report.  When will Sandy strike?

Yesterday wasn't the day.  Although it was for many others.  Here is a look at yesterday's MLB Transaction List:

1) NY Yankees sign Brian McCann
2) Twins sign Ricky Nolasco
3) A's traded Seth Smith to the Padres for Luck Gregerson
4) Diamondbacks traded Heath Bell and cash to the Rays for Justin Choate and a PTBNL
5) Diamondbacks traded David Holmberg to the Rays
6) Reds traded Ryan Hanigan to the Rays
7) Baltimore traded Jim Johnson to the A's for Jemile Weeks and a PTBNL
8) Rangers trade Craig Gentry and Josh Lindblom to the A's for Michael Choice and Chris Bostick
9) Rockies trade Dexter Fowler and a PTBNL to the Astros for Brandon Barnes and Jordan Lyles

Try as you might, the Mets are no where to be found in there.  This list doesn't include the likes of Jarrod Saltalamacchio who is inches away from signing a three-year deal with the Miami Marlins.  Nor does it mention Carlos Beltran who is a pen stroke away from rejoining the Kansas City Royals.  Oh, and Joe Nathan is a passed physical away from being the Tiger's closer for the next two seasons.

More than a dozen moves, none involving the Mets, and all on the heals of Doug Fister to the Nationals for basically scraps.  Trying times for even the most patient Mets fan.

Who knows.. Maybe the Sandy Alderson has the wheels in motion.  Its been reported that the team could make an offer to Curtis Granderson by weeks end, but does that hold everything up?  I certainly hope not.  Hopefully things work out but as the days tick by, despite the fact that the Winter Meetings haven' arrived, the pickings are starting to get slim.

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