December 4, 2013

Why Alderson Should Rush To Get Granderson Deal Done

This time next week, the MLB Winter Meetings will be well underway.  This will be the last time this year that all of the team's executives will be in the same place at the same time.  Traditionally, this is the week that the MLB Hot Stove really takes off.  Trades are made, free agents are inks and the winter really starts to take shape.  This offseason has been far less traditional.

With yesterday's flurry of activity, more teams have already entered the market than haven't.  The Mets are no exception, having acquired the services of Chris Young last month.  Now, with talks picking up with Curtis Granderson, Alderson may push to have a deal in place prior to the end of the week.

When Alderson arrives in Orlando for the Winter Meetings, he needs to know what he's there to accomplish.  Will he be looking for one outfielder, or two?  A shortstop?  Maybe a veteran pitcher?  The point is, Granderson fills one of those needs.  Doing so not only eliminates that need from Alderson's list, but also provided a better idea as to what resources, financial and otherwise, remain at his disposal.

The Mets will need to make additional moves in order to round out the roster before spring training.  While its unlikely that all of that takes place next week in Orlando, it is without a doubt the best chance to put things together.  If trades aren't completed, discussions may put the framework in place for other deals to be completed later on.  If deals aren't made, at least teams can meet with prospective free agents and get things moving.

Alderson is at the helm of a sinking ship.  The Mets promised action this winter, and Chris Young isn't nearly enough to stem the tide of bad baseball over reason years.  In reality, neither will Curtis Granderson.  However, getting this done now will go a long way to ensuring the Mets have a productive winter meeting, thus giving Alderson the best possible opportunity to whip the roster into shape.

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