December 8, 2013

Someone Tell Sandy to Leave the Sunblock Home

   I'm really looking forward to the next few days. After the Granderson signing, I'm hoping this front office gains some momentum. The free agent market is thinning out but there's anticipation the Mets are going to be active in the trade market. Right now Sandy leaves cold NYC and heads to sunny Orlando with two mediocre (I'm being kind because of the holiday season) first basemen, a very tradable second baseman and a stockpile of young pitching.
   Frankly, I don't care which first baseman gets traded. It's not a secret that I despise Lucas Duda. I don't care what the saber nerds say.  I hate him. I hate that a guy with his power watches fastballs down the middle. I hate that he used not liking playing the outfield as an excuse for being a shitty hitter. I hate that girls think he's cute, so it's good enough for them that he sucks. Despite my disdain, I am willing to go into next year with him as the starting first baseman, as long as we have a better team around him. I think Ike Davis has more upside and is more valuable. This likely means getting something better in return, when coupled with some other pieces.
   I'm sick of hearing Matt Joyce's name. I don't want them trading a starting first baseman for a guy to be used in a platoon. They have 3 capable starting outfielders, despite each one of their faults. The Mets need a shortstop. I'd rather have Chris Young playing every day then going into another season with Ruben Tejada.
   I'd be willing to part with Murphy and Davis in a package to bring back an above average SS. I love Murph. I was a Murphy fan before it was cool and people came up with dumb hash tags about him. I don't think Murph is part of the problem. But I like winning baseball games better, and I'm willing to throw player loyalty out the window for this to happen.  Don't forget, the Mets need some pitching and bullpen too.  So keeping one average player around, fan favorite or not, isn't going to make or break a team with multiple holes.  Whatever it take's to improve this team, I'm all for it. 
   Either way, this isn't about Davis, Duda, Murphy or Tejada.  This is about Sandy continuing to make things happen.  This is about Sandy finishing his plan.  He said that moves were going to be made to field a competitive team for 2014.  This is his big chance to prove people wrong.  Everyone has been real critical of Sandy.  He knows it.  I'm sure the Wilpon's know it.  It's time for Sandy to finish what he started.  Its gonna be 85 and sunny down there.  I hope Sandy spends his time in the hotel and not on the beach.

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