December 5, 2013

Optimism Remains Granderson To The Mets Gets Done

You've been keeping an eye on it for two days, but it appear we're going to have to wait at least a little bit longer.  The Mets have been engaged in internal discussions and outward negotiations with outfielder, Curtis Granderson, since the two sides met in-person on Sunday.  (Also: Granderson had the salmon.)  Many thought a deal could take place yesterday, but Mets fans were forced to go to bed without a resolution.

If you are an early riser, you were greeted with this from CBS Sports columnist, Jon Heyman:
The lingering fear had been that another team could swoop in and up the bidding on Granderson, who is seeking a guaranteed four year and $15-$17 million per season.  The Chicago White Sox and Seattle Mariners were two teams of worry, but Heyman puts those to rest for now.  The lone lingering threat would be the Boston Red Sox, who will need to feel the void left by the departing Jacoby Ellsbury by one means or another.

Also this morning, MetsBlog's Matt Cerrone has reported on the terms of a potential deal between the two sides.  He reports that the Mets are working towards four-year deal worth $55 million ($13.75 AAV), but would hope to backload the contract a bit.  Presumably this would allow the team to address other needs this winter while remaining on budget.

More to come for certain on this topic today as the Mets continue their work towards the largest free agent acquisition in Sandy Alderson's tenure as general manager in Flushing.

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