December 4, 2013

Don't Expect A Decision On Granderson Tonight reporter Anthony DiComo tweeted within the hour that the Mets and Curtis Granderson remain in negotiations tonight. He said "Nothing seems imminent, but these things can change in a hurry."

Since there is increasing belief that the two sides are close, I promptly asked him if he thought a deal would be reached tonight?  His replied: "No, I'd be surprised. With multiple teams interested, Granderson has incentive to drag this out a bit."

As I said this morning, with the real possibility that Carlos Beltran at 37 with cranky knees will land a three year deal, it makes sense for Granderson to wait him out. He would almost certainly warrant a four year deal if Beltran scores as expected.   He could also benefit if the loss of Ellsbury and then Beltran kicks the Red Sox into high gear. 

We shall see as they say, but I think DiComo's logic is sound. We may have to wait yet another day for big news in small market Queens. 

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