December 8, 2013

Mets Head To Orlando With $13 Million In Their Wallet

Yesterday morning I asked, do the Mets have any money left?  I went through the budget, whats been said over the past few months and how much the Mets had spent to date.  I came up with $12 million in available funds.  It turns out I was close, but late yesterday Marc Carig of Newsday reported that the Mets in fact have an estimated $13 million dollars remaining that they can reinvest in the roster this winter.

Carig hypothesizes that the Mets will be able to acquire an established starting pitcher and relief help with that money, but likely won't be able to address their shortstop situation.  Thats where he believes that the Mets will make a trade, as they have the likes of Ike Davis, Lucas Duda, Daniel Murphy and a plethora of young pitching prospects potentially headed out of town.  With that said, he reports that the Mets aren't aggressively shopping Murphy and would prefer not to deal pitching.

What important is that there is still money available.  The Mets recent acquisition of Curtis Granderson will do little to renovate the roster if the Mets cannot add other talent around he and David Wright.  Whether that be via free agency yet again, or by trade its comforting to know that at least to this point, the piggy bank isn't empty just yet.


  1. Send Murphy for Gardner the Yankees . Then put Eric Young at 2nd then take that money and get Arroyo .

  2. Trade Eric to Yankees . Put Murphy at first .trade Davis for starter or reliever . Arroyo sucks .

  3. why trade a proven hitter who can bat in the 2 hole? young can run, the key is getting on base, to much of a crap shoot

  4. Wouldn't mind seeing either of those scenarios. But Arroyo isn't coming for cheap based on the other signing thus far