December 7, 2013

Do The Mets Have Any Money Left?

The Mets have now committed $67 million dollars to the major league roster this winter.  That's more than double what the organization spent on free agency over the past four years (HERE).  Its good news..The Mets have overhauled two thirds of their outfield thus far, but there is still work to be done.  So it begs the question, has the Mets modest shopping spree left any money in the bank to assist in other areas.

With all the players the Mets current have under contract, the most accurate number I've seen for next season's payroll currently stands at $75.5 million dollars.  You may also recall that the expectations for next winter's payroll have changed a bit over the last few months (HERE).  So what does that mean?

Depending on which report you believe, that would mean the Mets have anywhere from $5 to $12 million dollars in cash left.  I'm going to used the $12 million dollar number for two reasons.  First and foremost, for some crazy reason I remain an optimist.  Secondly, the Mets are going to need every dime of that $12 million if they still wish to upgrade all the parts they outlined this winter.  That would bring their payroll to $87 million, which Alderson noted as recently as three weeks ago would be the bare minimum.

Then there is another $9 to $10 million dollars the Mets can reallocate.  I'm talking of course about Ike Davis and Daniel Murphy.  Its been projected that Ike will make $3.5 million and Murphy will come in closer to $5.8 million dollars next season.  If either (or both) are traded, thats money that will also be invested in new players.

So in reality (or at least the way I'm looking at it), the Mets theoretically have another $22 million they can spend, one way or another, to improve this roster.  That should be more than enough to both bring in another starting pitcher and upgrade at shortstop.  Of course, that may require Alderson to get creative via trade next week at the Winter Meetings, but that's why he gets the big bucks.  We'll see what happens, but either way the Mets shouldn't be finished just yet.

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