November 25, 2013

The Mets Lack Of Free Agent Spending

If you include the money spent on outfielder Chris Young last week, the New York Mets have now spent just $30,850,000 over the course of the last FOUR offseasons.  That is almost mind numbing when you think about the fact that five teams have already spent more than that this winter alone.

Some notable "small market" teams who've dwarfed the frugal Mets over the past four years...  Kansas City has invested $78.175MM.  Oakland (the Moneyball capital of the baseball world) has dropped $51.25MM.  Even Tampa Bay and Seattle, two teams who are yet to make a move this winter have spent $42.075MM and $33.1MM, respectively.

Its become borderline comical that the Mets, who reside in the largest market in baseball, cannot manager to find their checkbook.  This winter appears not different, with front office personnel tripping over one another to gripe to the media about free agent prices.

Here is a look at how things shape up this winter to date:

1) NY Yankees ($85MM)
2) St. Louis ($52MM)
3) Philadelphia ($42MM)
4) San Francisco ($36MM)
5) Kansas City ($32MM)
6) Cleveland ($12MM)
7) LA Dodgers ($10MM)
8) San Diego ($8MM)
9) NY Mets ($7.25MM)
10) Texas ($3.80MM)
11) Oakland ($3MM)
12) Colorado ($2.5MM)

Obviously things can change, with the Mets supposedly looking to add an impact bat in right field.  However, fans remain increasingly skeptical.  With reports that Alderson has roughly another $20MM you spend this winter things won't be changing that much.  At some point, someone has to ask the team's front office this: "If you won't spend money on players, how can you expect fans to spend money on tickets?"


  1. Take the 20 million or so you have left and instead of worring about the prices and the money you don't have and sign Granderson, Nelson, or Beltran and
    at least they will have added a big name power hitting outfielder! You can fill
    in the rest of the blanks from within! Let your young pitchers like Mejia and Montero compete for the 4th and 5th spot and let Tejada, Tovar, and Flores
    compete for SS! Yes I said Flores who played SS in the minors for years and
    even if the mets don't believe he can play SS what do they have to lose? The
    mets should also let Flores fight whoevers left standing at first base for that
    job as well or at least let Duda platoon with Flores!

  2. I agree 100% -- it is what it is -- adapt -- protect wright.. get at least 1 "real" power threat and fill the rest from within. Stop whining and step up!