November 22, 2013

Getting Harder To Talk Mets Fans Off The Ledge

The Mets made a signing. Chris Young, coming off of a .200 batting season, has been signed to a one year contract worth $7.25 million, according to Buster Olney. Anybody with a Twitter account saw how that played out.

SPOILERS: not well.

More of the like could easily be found. There were a few defenders, and more of the wait-and-see types, which includes our own Rob Patterson. He believes that this signing, if it proves to be of a part-time or platoon type signing, could be okay. I fall on the other side. A platoon player for $7.5 million given our long rumored and assumed financial restrictions leads me to believe there will be no signing of a big time player this offseason. Curtis Granderson becomes extremely far fetched. It seems almost definite now that if the Mets plan to make any type of splash this winter it will come in the form of a trade.

But really, can you blame people for being upset? This buying (extremely) low and hoping for a complete turnaround is getting old. Yes, I know about Marlon Byrd, but he was a great story because of how unlikely it was for that to happen. I want the Mets to get players that WILL be good, not COULD be good. Plus, Byrd was bought low... at a low price, not at roughly 20% of our budget to improve the team. Young was bought low at a high price after a fairly steady decline in his numbers over the last few seasons.

So, no, I'm not happy with this signing, and I don't blame anyone else for being unhappy.

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